Divine Weapons

The Initiation, oil on canvas, 270 x 70 cm, 2018


Divine weapons is a body of works that builds upon my ancestral heritage and origins. My works curated for this exhibition was about how I navigate between stories I have grown up with, and how I perceive those fantastic stories in my life. I have pushed the limits of some diverse iconographies, using mythology as an anchoring ground, in an attempt to create new ones, hence permeating the narratives from highly personal perspective. Drawing upon the descriptive illustrations of Boticelli, and Giotto's treatment of space, as well as miniature Indian paintings, I have been attempting over the years to make sense of it all. Is the probability of God in people's mind the same as mine? Is it female? Does it do art?
My works lures and coerces narratives to evolve: random objects and spaces try to coexist and mutually bring meaning to each other. As in life.

Exhibition held at Imaaya Art Gallery, Mauritius, Nov 2018.

The dressmaker


Oil on canvas, 330cm x 120cm, 2018

Soft blow


metal and wool, 2m x 1.5m x 60 cm